Do you feel like you’re on the precipice of transformation, but you’re dragged down by distractions, anxiety, and “maybe laters”

I feel you.

Let’s use the wisdom of the chakras to help you step into your most radiant, fully embodied self.

Relax and Restore | 3 Nurturing Free Gifts for the First Chakra

Feeling stressed? Anxious? Craving some time for yourself? Coming to your mat for a yoga class can make all the difference in drastically shifting your mood.

The classes are designed to work with the first chakra: muladhara. The first chakra’s element is earth, and governs your feelings of safety and security. 

These three transformative offerings are relaxing and restorative. They provide an opportunity to tune into the present moment without judgment and recharge your batteries so you can show up as your most radiant self.

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