Want to dig into your body and mind with a kind sense of curiosity?

That’s my kind of jam.

With everything that’s going on in your mind (and life!), coming to your mat is a gift and a commitment to yourself. It’s a time to tune into the present moment — whether your breath is expansive and even or your left quad is super sore from the long run you went on last Sunday.

Without judgment, without blame, your body and mind can teach you amazing things. Let’s be real, though: that’s easier said than done.

On your mat, your mind chatter runs a mile a minute. What am I going to have for lunch? I need to send her a follow up email. What if I get sick from someone else’s sweat? Why did I say that earlier? What would it be like if I went to Disney World? Oh, what did the instructor just say?

Under all of these thoughts, there’s your breath. There’s your (literal and metaphorical) heart. There’s your highest self.

Think of yourself as a laboratory

In this lab, a zest for exploration is key. There are no right or wrong answers. Your practice and your connection to your mat can change and evolve. New discoveries can crop up at unexpected times.

By coming to your mat again and again, you flex your awareness muscles. There isn’t a finish line. It’s a never-ending experience with growth.

While you have the capacity for tremendous growth, at the same time:

  • You are whole.
  • You are complete.
  • You are enough.

Without doing anything, right now, in this moment, you are whole, complete, and enough.

Your yoga practice is an opportunity to explore the interplay between personal growth and always being whole, complete, and enough.

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