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3 Tips To Get On Your Mat In The Morning

There are many benefits of practicing yoga in the morning, including increased energy and focus. However, even knowing about the benefits, it can be easy to talk yourself out of getting on your mat.

I hear you: I’ve heard my share of “maybe later” and “I can start tomorrow” in my own brain. Here are tips that have helped me commit to my practice, and will hopefully help you get on your mat in the morning.

Prepare the Night Before

The night before is extremely important to set yourself up for success to get on your mat in the morning.  You can:

  • Unroll your yoga mat beside your bed or wherever you practice.
  • Set out yoga clothes to change into when you wake up.
  • Arrange anything else you need, like a water bottle, tissues, and any yoga props.
  • Get 8 hours of sleep.

Short Classes Have A Huge Impact

You don’t need to do a 60+ minute yoga class to benefit from a morning practice. Even coming to your mat for 5-10 minutes can have major shifts for your mood and energy throughout the rest of the day. Simply coming to your mat helps set your intention for the day ahead, and demonstrates the commitment you have to your self-care.

My 10 Minute Morning Yoga and Meditation for Energy class is a great option for when you’re short on time and want to get on your mat in the morning.

Be Kind To Yourself

When I have the intention to practice yoga in the morning, I’ve had a variety of thoughts come up. “You need to open your laptop and work; maybe you could practice yoga in the afternoon” or “You don’t have time” or “I know someday I’ll have a daily morning practice, but that’s not today.”

Know that having thoughts along those lines is completely normal. I’ve found that honoring these thoughts as valid and a part of myself is important. Try responding to your excuses self-talk with kindness and patience. For example, I’ve said to myself, “I know you’d prefer to not get on your mat. I know it’s hard. We’re all safe together, and I’m prioritizing my self-care.”

It’s OK To Not Get On Your Mat

The fact is, there have been so many days I haven’t made it to my mat. Recently, I’ve been very consistent with my practice, though I recognize all the times I didn’t come to my mat as part of the process that led me to committing to a daily morning practice.

So, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get on your mat one morning. Know that each morning is another opportunity to get on your mat and connect with yourself. And, practicing yoga in the afternoon or evening is great too!

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