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I’m Kathleen. And I practice and teach yoga.

I started taking yoga classes my freshman year of college. The summer after my sophomore year of college in 2011, I did my first 200 hour training. Since then, I’ve completed several more (check out all the details below!)

As a yoga teacher, I’m known for my soothing, relaxing voice and open questions designed to bring students into the present moment.¬†

Yoga grounds me and helps me approach my life with kindness, patience, and presence. Journaling, written affirmations, and meditation complement my yoga practice. I love to reflect and have conversations with my highest self as a way to facilitate personal growth.

I believe that we are all always growing. You. Me. Everyone. We’re on different paths, and it’s not productive to compare ourselves to others. (Though, I acknowledge that that can be easier said than done.)

My teaching style facilitates students’ growth with kindness and compassion. I understand that there’s a difference between challenging yourself and being violent toward yourself.

Let’s meet on our mats and grow together.

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