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4 Grounding Yoga Poses

With lots going on, it is important to come to your mat (or take time for yourself in a busy workday where you don’t have a mat on hand). Your self-care matters. Your self-care matters. Your self-care matters.

Here are 4 grounding yoga postures that you can practice by themselves or as a part of a sequence to reconnect with your body, mind, and breath in the present moment.

Child’s Pose

Set Up: Spread your knees to the width of your mat or bring them closer in, depending on what feels the most easeful in the moment. I like to soften my elbows or make a diamond shape with my arms to invite space in my shoulders. Invite relaxation into the space between your eyebrows and allow your hips to melt toward your heels.

Ground: Notice which parts of your body are connected to your mat. This could be your feet, your palms, and your head. Surrender your weight into those spaces.

Standing at Attention 

Set Up: Stand with your feet hips width apart or bring your feet to touch. Oftentimes, I like to take a stance that is wider than hip’s width distance because it makes me feel more stable. Place your hands together at hearts center or let them hang out by¬† your sides. Blink your eyes closed.

Ground: Play with where your weight is. Shift from front to back and side to side. After some exploration, press your feet down into the mat. As you root, breathe length into your spine, side bodies, and out the crown of your head. Melt into your connection with the earth and your mat.

Tree Pose

Set Up: This set up is similar to Standing at Attention. Place your right foot on the inside of your left leg at any point except your knee. I like practicing tree with my foot on my lower leg for increased stability and alignment through my hips. Press the sole of your foot into your opposite leg and your leg into the sole of your foot.

Ground: Imagine that there are tree roots that connect your standing leg into your mat. There is an expansive and intricate tree network that supports you. As you root, imagine length moving up your body out the crown of your head. Breathe and soften into this length and space.

Warrior II

Set Up: Step into a wide stance. Point your front foot parallel to the sides of your mat. Align your front knee over your front ankle. Bring your back foot parallel to the front and back of your mat or slightly pigeon-tie (turn in) your foot. Stack your shoulders over your hips and resist the air underneath your arms.

Ground: Suction cup up through your inner arches. Release any extra tension or grip in your toes. Root down through the knife edge (or pinky toe side) of your back foot. Connect to the intricate root network that supports you. Say out loud or in your head: I am connected. I am supported. I am here.

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